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June 28th

Woke up and worked on some User Diagrams. After we had a meeting with Earnest the Physics teacher at the Liquidnet High School. We gathered information about grading and its processes. We also talked with him about his teaching methods and I came to the conclusion that if I had him as a Physics teacher in High School I would be interested in it right now. After the meeting I went to the dining hall to fix some of the staffs computers. I then had lunch and then headed to the studio to do some recordings. I taught Photoshop later that day and then had dinner. After dinner I prepared some of the performers that are in the Liberation day competition. I then talked with a pretty staff member and then walked her home. It was a good day.

June 27th

In the Morning I worked from home to get some mapping done and stated on the Functionality List. Our weekly meeting with JC was canceled so I used that time to finally clean up my Mac book, and ge my Virtual Macheine up and running. In the after noon Nicole and i met with Jonathan (Anne’s son) talk about Carnegie Mellon because he is really interested in applying. In the evening Trevor, Tamar, Natan and myself went to Ramagana to get some Brochette and some drinks. Miki and JC joined us after being at the hospital with one of the students who had Malaria (poor kid was in so much pain). When I got back I went strait to bed.

June 26th

Today started with reading some document to get familiar with Requirements gathering. nicole and I met at the Mango tree to discuss what we have read and to plan out our next steps in the project. We also had a meeting with the Informal Education Director. After I had a meeting with the HR Director about my Visa Status and my next steps for staying in Rwanda. In the later parts of the afternoon I pick up my usual schedule teaching EP’s and photo editing. 

June 25th

So I fell behind on my post so i may get the next few days mixed up. We had a meeting with Sonia the Director of Health and Wellness for the Village. we gather a lot of information on how the Health Clinic Operates. In the Evening I spend some time with Anne’s children. We had a data party and Anne joined as well. We had some great conversations. After couple of hours I said goodnight and headed back to my room.

June 24th

Sunday I stayed in bed until 10:30am. I got up and started to play my guitar. Vivian asked me to come outside and play. After, the others joined us. So we spent a good time on the porch talking. At about 1pm we went to lunch and then headed to Rubona to check out the market place. I got some hard boiled eggs (i think it is called Amargie) and I got some Brochette for the first time, It was really good. Vivian and Yikaiz then headed back to Kigali and we headed back to the village. In the evening I went to family time at my friend Morris home. After I went by my family house to get some milk and cookies then I went to the learning center to watch England vs. Italy for the Euro cup. After I met Mara aging and her friend from Canada and the shortly after that I went to bed.

June 23rd

Saturday was very peaceful. I met with the school praise and worship team and taught them some songs then worshiped with them. After lunch I met with two other students to teach them photo-shop. After, I met with Serge to continue writing an ASYV song then I went to dinner. I stayed after dinner to watch a movie (The Spy Next Door). After I spoke with my family in Antigua who was about to have Sabbath lunch. The other CMU students working in Kigali came out to visit us this week-end. They spent the night.

June 22nd

Today was more of a lay back day. So in the morning we had a meeting with Alain the director of Philosophy, Training and Education. We learned about how the children were evaluated and how they currently track their progress. After this meeting I went back to my room to continue working on the Scope of Work maps. At 12pm I went to watch the final debate competition between Senior 5 MCE and Senior 5 MPC. The topic was “Educating a woman means Educating a nation.” The debate was wonderful and well managed according to Anne. MCE won the debate. After the debate we went to the Theater in the Village to end African Child week with a celebration. There was singing, dancing, and drumming. It was a wonderful way to end the day.

June 21st

Today was a really good day. First I attended a staff meeting for all the informal education staff After that meeting Nicole and I started the user testing of the Intranet. When I got done with the testing I got a chance to teach some students photo shop and microsoft word. Later in the afternoon Nicole and I had a conference call with Tamar (in New York), and JC facilitated the call. After JC took us to meet Anne Heyman ( he founder of Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village). I tasted some of her amazing coffe and we all had a wonderful conversation and got to know each other a little better. After the conversation I headed to dinner. After all the days Activities I called my Roommate in Pittsburgh (Kevin) for his birthday. Then a good night rest was about to begin.  

June 20th

In the morning hours we met with the Director of Formal Education and the school principal to gather information on what they do and how involved are they in the different processes. After our meeting we worked on the User testing tasks for the Intranet. After I went to Celine to work out my Immigration status in order to remain in Rwanda for the remainder of the time.

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